Saturday, November 30, 2013

About Me

Elisa T is a reader, sometimes-writer and current student who lives in Finland. (Whew!) She's the main force behind Button-the-Push and sister sites Glow Book Tours and Indie Abode Book Reviews. She's a mum of two teens and married to a wonderful man who hates coffee and tolerates Elisa's weirdness. You can contact Elisa by emailing RuuElisa [ät] gmail [dõt] com . Her twitter handles are @ruu_elisa and @glowbooktours (4,500+ followers), her Facebook pages are ButtonThePush and GlowBookTours and she posts on Google+ here (20,000 followers and counting!)

She also writes Erotica titles as Beth Owyn.

We have a team of reviewers who all share one passion - the love of a good book. If you're interested in reviewing for us or hoping to get your book reviewed, check out our main review space - Indie Abode Book Reviews.


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