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The Broke Man’s Survival Guide by A.M. Harris

The Broke Man’s Survival Guide by A.M. Harris

Book Tour Dates: 11/29/13 – 12/27/13

Genres: Non-Fiction, Self-Help

Blurb: When you are broke, the last thing you want to hear about are saving plans, financial portfolios, or investment strategies. You are broke! Debt collectors are calling. Disconnection notices are mounting. Foreclosure is pending. You want to hear about how you are going to going to make ends meet. Real talk. You want to know how to survive through it.

This amazing book provides the answers to a lot of very tough questions such as what to do when you are facing eviction or you don’t have the money you need to pay the your bills for the month. The Broke Man’s Survival Guide helps you develop a survival plan before the worse happens (job loss, vehicle repossession, foreclosure, debt collectors). If the worse has already happed, these strategies can help you weather the storm.

The 50 strategies are bold–brash, yet sincere. Many former “broke enthusiasts” used these strategies to weather the storm of job lay-offs, unemployment, chronic illness, student loans, or just unwise choices. They all survived and so can you. Instead of worrying about things that are beyond your control at the moment, learn how to survive through it!


Excerpt: From Strategy #31: Stop Hanging With The Joneses

Your friend, Jane Doe Jones, shows up to the PTA meeting wearing $200 designer shoes and carrying a $800 handbag. She instantly becomes the center of attention, receiving compliments and admiration by all those around her.

Before you know it, Old Man Envy is tapping you on the shoulder, whispering, “That should be you.” “You can afford that.” “You deserve that attention.” “You look way better than her anyway.” The next thing you know, you’re eagerly awaiting your next paycheck because you can’t wait to blow it all on the same overpriced shoes or handbag in a feeble attempt to “keep up with the Joneses.” That is, buying items you cannot afford in an attempt to impress others and yourself.

The consequence? It depends. Perhaps the rent is late, utilities are in jeopardy of disconnection, or there is little food in the house. Either way, it was a foolish decision. Live by this creed: If you can’t afford it, DON’T BUY IT!

This may all sound like common sense, but you would be surprised at the number of people going through hard times who are making their situation worse by trying to keep up with the Joneses.

It’s okay to want the finer things in life. That desire is what motivates many of us to become successful. However, if you cannot afford the finer things in life, but ignore this fact, you will only end up successfully broke! Don’t let this be you!

Don’t be fooled. The world is full of Jones Wannabes. You know—the ones who drive a BMW, but live in their parents’ basement! Or that friend who meets you for lunch dressed head-to-toe in expensive designer clothing only to have the waiter come back to inform them that their credit card rejected their $8.00 lunch charge!

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Amazon Kindle: The Broke Man's Survival Guide: 50 Simple Strategies to Use When You Are Unemployed, Underpaid or Just Dead Broke and Trying to Survive
Amazon Paperback: The Broke Man's Survival Guide: 50 Simple Strategies To Use When You Are Unemployed, Underpaid or Just Dead Broke And Trying to Survive

About A.M. Harris: A. M. Harris worked as a Program Director for a large non-profit organization for more than 25 years helping to provide much needed emergency services to the downtrodden, unemployed and underemployed. She spearheaded programs at the organization that included job training and placement services and emergency assistance for utility disconnections, pending evictions and foreclosures.

“Many of our clients lost jobs they held for twenty years or more. Before coming to us, many of them had been out-of-work for several months. Although we were able to assist some clients find new jobs that were comparable to the salary they lost, many, many others did not find an equivalent job and were forced to settle for mediocre, low paying jobs just to keep food on the table and regularly faced the possibility of utility shut-offs and eviction. It was difficult to look in the faces of struggling people and not have real answers to help them.”

As the program director, it was Harris’ responsibility to develop life skills and training programs to help these families get back on track. Her organization spent hundreds of dollars on resource materials that just did not do the job. She believed that people just want to know what they have to do to survive and make it another day without the red tape and politically correct mumbo jumbo that comes along with the territory. “Sometimes the best way to help people is to just tell it like it is and give them just right ideas and point them in just the right direction.”

Harris began to write her own material with topics like, Creating Your Own Employment Opportunities, Avoiding Scams, Attitude Adjustment, Avoiding the Repo Man and Keeping A Roof Over Your Head. Over the years, Harris accumulated close to 100 topics. In 2005, A.M. Harris decided to capture the very best of years’ worth of 50 front-line solutions and The Broke Man’s Survival Guide was born. Eight years later, in 2013, Harris decided to revised the earlier edition with new information to help those who are still trying to survive in our struggling economy.

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