Monday, December 16, 2013

Totally Awesome New Year's Giveaway

Question: do you know why the pic above is large?
Answer: because this giveaway is HUGE. I've just signed up myself because quite frankly, the opportunity to get seen is too good to pass up. Whether you're a blogger or an author, you've found the way to get a lot of extra followers for not much cash. You can join us for as little as $5.

We’ll be giving away an Amazon/cash prize to one lucky reader — final prize amount to be determined by the number of sign-ups, but will be at least $200.

Do you have any idea how much buzz a $200 giveaway generates? It's a lot. The current giveaway has more than 65,000 entries so far! Contestants want to win that moolah. They get the chance to enter the prize draw by "Liking" your Facebook page or following you on Twitter. And they will. Because, you know, people wanna win that moolah.

You can even snag one of the limited co-host spots for lots of extra perks! Plus, there are special referral prizes available too.

Go here for all the details:

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